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Hi Naruto's fans ** This is a Fan Group of Naruto which collects all traditional arts of Naruto! If you love naruto and traditional art, you should definitely sign up here! Digital art is not allowed u.u
Founded 2 Years ago
Jan 26, 2013


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Fan Club

1,133 Members
1,025 Watchers
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Guide To Group's Folders

:bulletorange: Featured ----> Forbidden to insert drawings! In this folder the staff puts the most beautiful drawings to show to visitors

:bulletorange: Naruto ----> Insert drawings of Naruto Uzumaki and Kyuubi

:bulletorange: Sakura ----> Insert drawings of Sakura Haruno

:bulletorange: Sasuke ----> Insert drawings of Sasuke Uchiha

:bulletorange: Sai ----> Insert drawings of Sai

:bulletorange: Rock Lee ------> Insert drawings of Rock Lee

:bulletorange: Neji ----> Insert drawings of Neji Hyuga

:bulletorange: Tenten ----> Insert drawings of Tenten

:bulletorange: Hinata ----> Insert drawings of Hinata Hyuga

:bulletorange: Kiba and Akamaru ----> Insert drawings of Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru

:bulletorange: Shino ----> Insert drawings of Shino Aburame

:bulletorange: Shikamaru ----> Insert drawings of Shikamaru Nara

:bulletorange: Choji ----> Insert drawings of Choji Akimichi

:bulletorange: Ino ----> Insert drawings of Ino Yamanaka

:bulletorange: Gaara ----> Insert drawings of Sabaku no Gaara and Shukaku

:bulletorange: Temari ----> Insert drawings of Temari

:bulletorange: Kankuro ----> Insert drawings of Kankuro

:bulletorange: Akatsuki ----> Insert drawings of Pain, Tobi, Konan, Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki, Kakuzu, Hidan and Jashin, Deidara, Akasuna no Sasori, Zetsu

:bulletorange: Naruto's Family ----> Insert drawings which depicting the family of naruto or only parents. NO ONLY NARUTO

:bulletorange: Sasuke's Family ----> Insert drawings which depicting the family of Sasuke (for exemple Sasuke and Itachi). NO ONLY ITACHI

:bulletorange: Sensei ----> Insert drawings of Kakashi Hatake, Gai Maito, Asuma Sarutobi, Kurenai Yuhi, Yamato, Jiraya and other sensei

:bulletorange: Kages ----> Insert drawings of Kages (Hokages, Kazekage, Tsukikage, Raikage, Mizukage). GAARA AND MINATO ONLY KAGE.

:bulletorange: Team ----> Insert drawings of varios team (team 7, team 8, team 9, team 10, team taka, team sand and other). NO SINGLE CHARACTERS.

:bulletorange: Friends and Battles ----> Insert drawings of a group of friends or a battles. NO SINGLE CHARACTERS

:bulletorange: Fan Fiction and Doujinshi ----> Insert Fanfiction or Doujnshi of Naruto's world

:bulletorange: Couples ----> Insert drawings of Naruto's couples (for exemple Naruhina, Sasusaku, Shikatema). NO YAOI OR YURI

:bulletorange: Yaoi ----> Insert drawings of Naruto's Boy x Boy couples (for exemple Sasunaru, Kakuhida, Sasodei). NO HETERO COUPLES OR YURI

:bulletorange: Yuri ----> Insert drawings of Naruto's Girl x Girl couples (for exemple Sakuino, Hinaten, Tsusaku). NO HETERO COUPLES OR YAOI

:bulletorange: Sexy no Jutsu ----> Insert drawings of Sexy no jutsu (for exemple naruto girl, Kakashi girl, Tenten boy, Sakura boy)

:bulletorange: Other Ninja ----> Insert drawings of Other ninja who are not included in other folders (for exemple Orochimaru, Suigetsu, Anko) and Naruto's OC (original characters)

:bulletorange: Other ----> Insert drawings of other images related to naruto (peluche, tattoo, other Bijuu)

I hope I have helped you to understand the structure of the group! Enjoy your visit :*

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Hi guys ^^
sorry for the delay T_T As always, I really had so many commitments in real life and I had to forcibly postpone the date of the referendum today

But without wasting any more time, we discover immediately who the winners of this wonderful contest:

:bulletblue: With a high score of + positive, I announce that the first place winner of the :iconnarutotraditionalart:'s contest is............

"Naruto: Merry X'mas" by Samy-Consu ------> Naruto: Merry X'mas by Samy-Consu

Congratulations, your drawing was the most voted :) ou will receive 30 :points: , watch, favs by :iconby-blythlee: Its drawing will be included in the featured folder.

:bulletblue: With a score slightly lower than the winner, the second place was won by.......

"Gaara's Christmas gift" by foxyfoxnis ------> Gaara's Christmas gift by kitkatnis

Congratulations, your drawing is truly remarkable, was one of the most voted drawings in the contest!! you will receive 2 :points: by :iconby-blythlee:! Its drawing will be included in the featured folder.

:bulletblue: In third place with a fair number of positive + we have....

"Mistletoe" by xXNejiten4everXx ------> Mistletoe by xXNejiten4everXx

Congratulations, your drawing is truly remarkable, I admit that even I could never draw something like this >< you will receive 1 :points: by :iconby-blythlee:! Its drawing will be included in the featured folder.

The staff of :iconnarutotraditionalart: he wants to congratulate with the remaining participants because they have all of the designs posted fantastic, thanks for having participated in so many!
Well, first of all season's greetings from the staff of :iconnarutotraditionalart: ^^

Excuse us if we had to postpone the vote but the staff had difficulties of time inherent to the festivities ih ih ih ^^'

But now we are all ready to face the clou stage of the contest: voting :typerhappy: :squee:

This time, the votes will be different, we explain the rules:

:bulletpink: Each voter must write a note to the staff (preferably those who started the contest) by writing a list of the votes.
:bulletpink: Each drawing must be voted on, or rather, evaluated with the + (plus) and - (minus) symbols, therefore each voter must write a list where each rate drawings with the + or - .
:bulletpink: In a drawing that you like and want to reward you will give the + symbol, instead a design that you do not like (for various reasons), you can give the - symbol.
:bulletpink: All drawings must be rated. If participants also vote their design should not vote for him, attributing the symbol * (asterisk).
:bulletpink: Naturally win the designs that have a larger number of symbols +.
:bulletpink: The list must state the name of the drawings or the authors.

So here is the list of rules for the vote:

:bulletorange: In order to vote you must send a note to the founder :iconby-blythlee: with written the name of your favorite drawing. Send the note only to founder in order to avoid problems to staff;
:bulletorange: We must to vote all of drawings as explained above (if you do not understand any step to ask for more information with a comment in the journal). The list of participants will find it at the end of journal;
:bulletorange: We can't to vote yourself, In fact, the list can give you the * symbol (that is zero) to your drawing;
:bulletorange: All members of group can to vote. The votes of users who are not members will be ignored;
:bulletorange: We must vote with a note. The vote which will send in this journal will not be valid;
:bulletorange:  Do not try to buy votes. If the staff finds any deception It will cancel the contest;

Voting ends on January 31, 2014 (Italian time)


- "Merry Chrstimas from Team 7!" by yukiichann12 ------> Merry Chrstimas from Team 7! by yukiichann12
- "Gaara's Christmas gift" by foxyfoxnis ------> Gaara's Christmas gift by kitkatnis
- "the Uchiha's Christmas!" by animelover4343 ------> the Uchiha's Christmas! by animelover4343
- "Mistletoe" by xXNejiten4everXx ------> Mistletoe by xXNejiten4everXx
- "xmas demon naruto" by teazuko ------> xmas demon naruto by teazuko
- "Merry Christmas" by pagesofmylife ------> Merry Christmas by pagesofmylife
- "+CE+ NaruHina ~ Christmas Morning" by PeachCat93 ------> +CE+ NaruHina ~ Christmas Morning by PeachCat93
- "Akatsuki Xmas tree" by Grimmijaggers ------> Akatsuki Xmas tree by Grimmijaggers
- "CE - Merry Christmas From Naruto" by RockingHeart ------> CE - Merry Christmas From Naruto by RockingHeart
- "Christmas Cactus" by Sandy--Apples ------> Christmas Cactus by Sandy--Apples
- "Naruto's Christmas!" by Ninjamuraiyan ------> Naruto's Christmas! by Ninjamuraiyan
- "Merry Christmas from Team 10" by Claire-tte ------> Merry Christmas from Team 10 by Claire-tte
- "Santa Tobi" by KiraWolf2402 ------> Santa Tobi by KiraWolf2402
- "Naruto: Merry X'mas" by Samy-Consu ------> Naruto: Merry X'mas by Samy-Consu
- ":Christmas with the Akatsuki" by ShoukKirishimao ------> Christmas with the Akatsuki by ShoukKirishimao
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akshart Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yo guys same here my request for joining the group is in approval stage for days now......
Melidraw Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Raahh ><
Sorry I haven't chose the right folder for my last submission ^^'
kitkatnis Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
this group hasn't been accepting my art...
SasukeLuigiaMurtagh Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Submit them again please.
kitkatnis Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
there are 2 waiting to be accepted right now

I thought the group was dead for months, but then i suddenly saw art in my watch from the group, so i thought it might be back, but my submissions have been waiting almost a week
SasukeLuigiaMurtagh Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
In the Group there are not notifications of any art waiting to be accepted. I have a busy life so I can't stay all the days here and the other admin left.
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Wolflover1086 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A new Deviant has joined today I wonder across her DA today to find this.


Mad Hatter by CourtneyCunningham97Maleficent by CourtneyCunningham97

Would you plz feature this person in your group as she seriously deserves to be seen.
KakariGeikoGirl Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Student General Artist
My last five submissions sit so long in review they expire. Is this group still active or what?
4thgeneration Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm wondering the same thing... :(
Otaku-Design Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014
My one was declined also.
Sometimes i think the admins don't know what traditional is.
Crap gets accepted, good works declined, i don't get it.
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